We can cater to customers who have allergy-related, vegetarian, or vegan requests.
Please consult with our staff in advance regarding your specific needs.

Lunch reservations

Please make reservations during operating hours on the previous day.
For day-of reservations, please call us.

Cafe reservations

Until the opening hours of the previous day.

Dinner reservations

Please make reservations at least three days in advance.

Cake reservations

Please reserve whole cakes for birthdays and other occasions at least three days in advance.
Please reserve cakes with decorations made using fresh cream at least one week in advance.

Reservation typeRequired
Date and timeRequired
Email AddressRequired
Mobile PhoneRequired Please input in only numbers
Number of peopleRequired Adult: Child:
Please contact once more than 10 people.
RequestAny E.g., allergy-related/vegetarian/vegan requests, etc.
I agree to the following Privacy Policy.
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