The Purely Difference

Make yourself at home at our all-organic restaurant

Purely Restaurant is run out of a 140-year-old kominka-style house. 140-year-old houses are a rare sight in Japan.With old stone walls just like those of historic Kumamoto castle, our restaurant interior is filled with an atmosphere that will take you back to Japan’s good old days.

Make yourself at home at our all-organic restaurant


Natural cultivation and top-grade soil

Natural cultivation is a growing method that uses no pesticides, and no chemical or even organic fertilizers.It is a method that respects and learns from nature in order to get the maximum natural potential out of each seed.

To achieve this, our farmers also engage in seed harvesting, a technic that has all but abandoned by most modern Japanese farmers. We grow our crops by utilizing the internal power of the seeds; planting them with room to grow and providing them with the nutrients and water that they need, not augmenting their growth with the external power of fertilizers. Our farmers help seeds maximize this potential for growth by spreading the seeds in warm, soft soil that is the right consistency to absorb lots of water.

The fundamental points of the natural cultivation process are: making healthy soil, harvesting the best seeds, and training people who respect nature.
Our farmers look to nature for a model of nurture, working the soil with love to bring out its true potential. That’s why we sow our plant and vegetable seeds nice and deep to grow strong, tough plants.

The end result is produce that is healthy and rich with life, highly nutritious and, most important of all, delicious! We raise energetic produce with the rich taste that you had almost forgotten, one that passes on the love felt by the growers on to the people who eat it.

Natural cultivation and top-grade soil
The finest vegetables


The finest vegetables

We use organically grown vegetables and rice, primarily those sourced locally in Kyushu and grown with love using natural cultivation methods (no fertilizers or pesticides).
We invite you to fully savor the lively flavors of the crops grown right here in the natural splendor of Kyushu.


The finest seasonings

Preparation of our traditional Japanese fermented food products starts with only the finest bacteria.
Natural bacteria refers to the wide variety of wild bacteria found in nature. Fermented food products were first made by discovering the power instilled in these bacteria by Mother Nature and applying this power to the food making process.

Although fermented food products generally include everyday items like miso or soy sauce, many of the ingredients in these products are now made using chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers, or genetically modified and artificially grown bacteria.
This has led to the birth of a movement dedicated to using the knowledge, experience, and skills of artisan food makers to revive the old ways of fermented food making, in which pure ingredients are fermented with the natural bacteria used in the past.

Purely Original fermented food products such as our miso, vinegar, and amazake are all made using these now precious, natural bacteria grown in specialized storehouses. These natural yeasts, koji, acetic bacteria and their kin possess truly mystic powers; they cause organic reactions in food that magnify and deepen their natural flavors.

Fermented foods are a part of traditional Japanese culture. They are part of what nurtures the bodies and spirits of us Japanese. It is our hearts’ desire to share the taste a truly delicious miso soup and other examples of these powerful fermented food products with everyone.

The finest seasonings
The finest meat and fish

Meat & Fish

The finest meat and fish

Our shop only buys its organic pork, Amakusa Daio chicken, and grass-fed beef from farmers who raise their livestock humanely, in a natural and stress-free environment. These animals are raised free on the wide ranges of Kumamoto, not stuffed with genetically modified feed and antibiotics. Free-range cattle in particular eat more and produce leaner, healthier meat. We are also committed to nature-friendly fishing, and try to use only fish caught in nearby seas or other local sources.


Purely Original processed foods

Besides our naturally cultivated rice and vegetables, Purely offers a wide selection of packaged products, including basic seasonings, noodles, flours, juices, teas, meats, fish, and snacks.
Among these fine products, we particularly recommend our Purely Original products, which we develop with close cooperation from local farmers, warehouses, and food processors.

Purely Original product quality standards

1. Main ingredients are naturally cultivated in Kyushu
2. Traditional methods are used to bring out the natural flavors of ingredients
3. Fermented food products are made using warehouse-grown natural bacteria
4. No additives such as preservatives, artificial coloring agents, etc. are used

These products’ main ingredients are naturally cultivated without fertilizers or pesticides, and traditional methods are used to bring out their natural flavors.
In addition, we select processing facilities that only handle pesticide-free products, or that process our products on a separate production line. Naturally, these places also must not put in additives like preservatives or artificial colors. This is all part of our commitment to the highest level of ingredients, production methods, and food safety.

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