Lunch menu

Our organic lunches will do your body good♪

We have menu options for people with food allergies, vegetarians, and vegans!
Our organic lunches are made using the finest ingredients
Our lunches feature rice and vegetables grown by local farmers in the highest quality soil using all natural cultivation methods (no pesticides or fertilizers).
We prepare our dishes using traditional Japanese seasonings made with natural bacteria. These seasons are increasingly rare in Japanese cuisine, as they take time and care to make, but our chef is dedicated to preparing dishes that utilize the full flavor of each ingredient, to honor the efforts of the farmers and artisans who make them. Naturally, all of our dishes are hand-made and additive-free.

This Month's Lunch¥1,300/¥1,800(plus tax)

Choose from a vegetable, fish, or meat main dish and enjoy a seasonal spread of dishes that changes every month!


Salad / small plate trio / main dish (vegetables, fish, or meat) / rice (plus ¥50 for a larger portion, ¥130 for a second helping)/ miso soup / pickled vegetables / choice of drink (coffee, or apple juice)


Telephone/Email Reservations
Email or phone is OK up until the day before reservation. Please call us on the day of the reservation (no email).

We offer menu options for people with food allergies, vegetarians, and vegans.

Please consult with our staff about your dietary needs.
However, please understand that we use the same sets of cookware for all types of dishes.

    Other menu items

  • Vegetable main dish a la carte
    ¥600(plus tax)
  • Meat or fish main dish a la carte
    ¥1,000(plus tax)
  • Second helping of rice
    ¥130(plus tax)
  • Large serving of rice
    +¥50(plus tax)
  • Dessert trio
    ¥300(plus tax)
  • Today’s cake
    ¥500 and up(plus tax)
  • 白身フライ弁当

    See the photo for an example of one of our bentos.

  • Lunch BoxBento Boxes

    Handmade bentos made at our restaurant are available for purchase at the counter.

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